Othragmac - Inirthak
OwnerOrchish Empire
Founded16 Lunar 1095

Founded in the Arduous March (1041 - 1096), Othragmac is located on the southern tip of lake Murkin. At the time, the Tyermur swamp stretched much further north than what it is today. The wetlands, along with Glumgard's spring flooding, greatly restricted the building of anything near the river beyond forts on stilts. Over the next century, Blac'drugulois put the slaves of his conquests on draining the land east and south. The purpose of this was to create a road northeast of lake Murkin, one to bypass the more dangerous and rigorous route on the other side past the Elalmoth ruin. Even though it had been three decades (c.f. 1060) since the fall of this wood elf city, the Nárfaltuin's forest around this ruin was still their domain.

With the establishment of the Orchish Empire in 1096, Othragmac became the Orchish capital. Over the decades of war that followed, Othragmac grew from a mighty fortress into a a series of mighty citadels - each connected to the others by bridges and canals. There are seven of these massive citadels with each in charge of a network of locks and canals.

Othragmac has towers shaped like colossal bleeding skulls. The skulls have a fiendish appearance and burn with green fires at midnight, the time for worship and sacrifice for many of the city's dwellers. The northeastern walls of the city border the Thraroon marsh. This marsh holds the village-camps of war trolls and greenies. Prefering to live outside the confines of the city, most of these wetland dwellers are on Othragmac's tax roles.

The city's strongest defense is its ability to flood a large swathe of land around it. This water is in hundreds of canals which feed farm fields and are routes of transport to the city, but in times of war they can be flooded turning the landscape south of the city to hills into a quagmire.

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