Bal-Kriav Sphere 411

Halo of Bal-Kriav, the moon Opulent Eye, and Merioss
AliasSphere 411
Formed1 Temporal 1451 DE
Deaths Kindle Leptyr Opulent Eye Urokolon

In 1451 DE, Sphere 411 was given form. Made from the energies of Chaos by the Creationist god Benevolence, it the third world of the Quara'tun System. Like the other worlds and moons being made by the Creationists, it didn't get a more specific name until after the 14th Battle of Regadnîn. In this battle of the Creation War, the Nawirrûs Covenant's supreme commander, Bal-Kriav, was killed.

With the power of Creation, he was a brilliant strategist, and perhaps one of the most noble and goodly beings I have ever encountered. He gave mercy to those primordials that yielded. Instead of dispatching these wicked monsters, he sent them to the prison continent Denerra.

Here we stand at the walls of Irrai, honoring the hero that fought hard against our enemies. He put aside his mantle of creation, to save the cornerstone of the war, this world. If it had fallen, so would have the system. May we hereby honor him, naming this world Bal-Kriav.

- Athena, angel leader of the Golden Seven, from a Scroll of Dawn - "The Dawn Chronicles"

Bal-Kriav was near the front-lines of the Creation War. This was a war between primordials and gods over the powers of creation. This war left its mark on Bal-Kriav with lost relics, ancient bastions, and imprisoned primordials.

The primordials seeded this world and others with giants and archons to serve as soldiers in their armies against the gods. When these primordials and their most threatening minions were killed, imprisoned or driven from Bal-Kriav, their minions like the giants, archons, and others were left behind. The angels and gods also seeded Bal-Kriav with mortals. Some of these served as soldiers in the Creation War, while others were created later in the God Era. Bal-Kriav also has a number of races on it that were not originally put here in the time up to the Lith-Crillion Era. One example being the Durkoth that came in their Helas Vessels, bringing with them three slave races and one master slave race. After their masters disappeared in the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE), the Theegans, Dromites, Sussgurd, and Hydrocur went on to establish their own civilizations.

Bal-Kriav, like many others worlds, is surrounded by a Web of Magic. Over the ages, it has been strained and permanently weakened in some areas leading to rifts to other systems and worlds.

Bal-Kriav is surrounded by rings called the Halo of Bal-Kriav. These rings take on different colors during the day, depending on the angle of light reaching the planet from the stars Merioss and Khâls Forge.

There are four moons orbiting Bal-Kriav. The two moons visible in the spring and summer months are Opulent Eye and Urokolon. This period is also a time of high seas and violent weather patterns. While in the fall and winter months, only the moon Leptyr is visible. The last moon, Deaths Kindle, periodically appears in the skies of Bal-Kriav, a period fraught with necromantic practices and resurgence of undead activity.