Typeorc sub-race
Creation15 War March 1048
LanguageHigh Orc

On 15 Temporal 1048, a group of orcs of the Grashakh Region was deemed distinct enough to take their own name, becoming the the Githirmil. A "Gith" name like the Githzerai and the Githyanki, these orcs likewise had their energy composition changed by psionic methods. While this was happening, they were indoctrinated into more lawful ways, brought into the ranks of the civilized peoples.

Githirmil are concentrated in Grashakh. They are different than normal orcs, having an intelligence and wisdom that is on par with the Tragarans. Like regular orcs, they are warmongers, cunning, and often brutal in their methods. The make-up of the Githirmil came from the actions of a Lith-Crillion named Blac'drugulois. Their land encroached upon, facing superior military forces, the orcs he came to rule were forced to relocate in the Arduous March. Over many decades, he and his advisors schooled them in war, instilling behaviors that made them more disciplined and adherent to civilized laws, even taking the entropy inherent in their kind, replacing it with negative entropy. Blac'drugulois had learning centers and war colleges built in every city of the Orchish Empire. He also standardized the Orc language, making it more concise and less guttural, becoming better known as High Orc.

Changing these orcs, making them behave differently was deemed impossible, yet eight centuries later, we have the Githirmil.

- Ermikel the Balance, "Githirmil - A Breed Above"

Blac'drugulois did not enlighten and change the Githirmil alone. He was aided by Zisi-Nul educators and those skilled in the ancient art of energy exchange - a dangerous process of changing a creature's energy composition. Patiently, this was done slowly over many years, resulting in low fatalities. By the second generation of this, orc offspring were coming out the way they wanted, with more negative entropy than its anti-thesis.

Githirmil have a lifespan of 90 years, are lawful, and tend towards evil. Githirmil females have a short gestation rate of 7 months and high birthrates. By the Emperors Law, they are required to produce at least five children in their early years. Regardless of sex, Githirmil have high commanding voices; often joked upon by outsiders as "every private a general".

We fight not cause we have to, but because we want to.

- Orc Proverb

Githirmil Views of Other Races

  • Tragarans and khazarkars are double-dealing, greedy expansionists, but good builders
  • goblins, kobolds, and other smaller folk make good cannon fodder
  • a giant is a fine work horse, work it till you break it's back
  • the death of an elf is the purest sacrifice to Gruumsh
  • dwarves make bad slaves, but they taste good
Racial Traits
Brucrumus Threat +2 intimidate vs. all natives of Brucrumus
Emperor's Guidance+1 Intelligence
Soldier of Gruumsh +3 Strength
Orc Heritage -2 Charisma
Darkvision 60'
Movement 30'
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