Founded19 Bloom 1151

Twelve hundred feet below the metropolis of Paradomea City is a great subterranean city called Undercity. This city was once a bastion of several Underdark races. Dark dwarves, Drow, and Svirfneblin fought over the area while a little fishing village above them grew into a vast city. When the sewers were expanded beneath the city, the miners started making contact with these Underdark denizens. The lich rulers of Paradomea aided which ever side requested help, sometimes helping both sides.

From 1149 to 1151, the Underdark groups beneath Paradomea City were at war with each other, one no doubt instigated by the Council of Nine. When all sides had wasted their resources, the Council of Nine sent in Doom Squads and mercenaries to eliminate any further resistance. A few rebellious groups were created from this pacification effort, but by the end of 1151 the area was taken, secured and a fortress was erected where three belligerents once fought. In time, this Underdark fortress grew into a citadel spanning a wide and deep area. The place became home to both surface creatures from Paradomea City and Underdark peoples.

Today, Undercity is home of numerous underground races dwelling across 100+ subterranean levels. The numerous levels of Undercity were created from hundreds of years of mining and expansion of living quarters of city occupants. Undercity once held vast platinum and gemstone deposits. These were expended by the Third Epoch. This mineral wealth of Undercity helped make Paradomea a rich empire. Today, the place is trade hub between the surface and the Underdark. Undercity connects with the Great Tradeway at the Golem Serpent bridge. As the name implies, this bridge is actually a golem and serves as both a walk-way across a deep chasm, and a living defense.

Undercity is said to have more rumors and tales than people, a few are listed here:

  • The Mutant Progress Bureau has a tight reign over entry into the deeper levels of Undercity. Rumors has it that the first series of super mutants have been created and are now hunting any Mîmêk resistance groups.

  • Beware of the Rat-Men. They may try to infiltrate your ranks. Most are reputable assassins.

  • A demon was seen tearing the limbs from a Oduv Ven mage, I'd wait a couple of weeks until the beast is caught and sent back to whence it came

  • The adventuring group, Orion's Cutthroats, disappeared a month ago in the Underhalls - I heard one was carrying a blade of sharpness; seen on many occasions severing the limbs from hapless fools who challenged him. May you find his blade and not his sword arm.
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