War of Gorahrigir

Period1467 - 1472
TheaterAerie of Dragons
Belligerentspeoples of the Gorahrigir Hills
MapHiznaar Goz

In 1467, the hill giant chieftains of the city-states Irthorn and Thithak, and those of the the forested hills of Gorahrigir waged war on each other. They sought unification, but none backed down, so they fought it out for five years. The reason for unification was a common desire for security against the growing empires of Ag Envok, Lahvirn Piiv, and those beyond the Dragon Wall in Hells Womb.

At war's end in 1472, the people of Gorahrigir were united under Chieftain Oathundor, first monarch of the Kingdom of Oathundor.