OwnerTrauma Squad
Built11 Hollow 1322

Okrungknot is a small castle sited in the northern hills of Ânul. It was built by the gnolls to protect an ancient complex, which they used as a lair, and for holding the ores pulled out of its mines. The complex under the hill is a labyrinth created by the Mad Wizard Flay. This subterranean complex is called Torazan Sanctum.

The Mad Wizard Flay was gone when the gnolls took over the place. They lost dozens from magical traps and guardians. After securing the place, the gnolls enslaved mongrelfolk from the surrounding hills. They were put to work mining areas adjacent to Torazan Sanctum.

It did not take long for the Hakkhild and rival gnoll tribes of Ânul to learn of the riches hidden beneath Okrungknot. The gnolls of Okrungknot expanded the place to meet the intensifying raids from their greedy neighbors. Okrungknot grew from a wood stockade into a stone castle yet still fell many times to attackers. Torazan Sanctum, the real defense of Okrungknot, could never be penetrated, its traps, guardians and defensive nature of the place made it too costly to pursue the gnolls, yet the raiders continued to attack the place periodically over the next two centuries.

In the 1400s, this place held a force of 3,000 gnolls. In 1487, the Storm Duke of Griddrir, angry with the gnolls failure to pay tribute, punished them. Griddrir employed a drow mercenary company to take out the gnolls from within. This drow war party entered through mining shafts diving into Faeglor. After capturing the place, they went to plundering Flay's old domicile. While this was going on, someone activated the main defense of Flay's ancient complex. Flays Flesh Golem Army, a force of 550 flesh golems, activated, mercilessly tearing into the scattered drow. It is said the only reason the entire company was not wiped out was because the bodies clogged the passages and the golems were too stupid too move them, instead pulverizing the corpses into piles of shattered bones and flesh.

In 1832, the first year of the Cinazan Front, Okrungknot and its subterranean labyrinth were taken over by a Conclave unit. They came here in search of an ancient relic, the same ones the Maul Seekers were quested to find. A couple months later, the Hulkurân Zagar, part of the Maul Seekers, raided the place, wiping out the Conclave garrison and recovering the Scion Stump of Lukoon along with other treasures of the long dead wizard Flay.

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