OwnerTrauma Squad
Built11 Hollow 1322

Okrungknot is a fortress in the Ânul Hills. It began as a simple stockade, trading post for the gnolls of the area. Finding excavated rock and soil, and traces of silver, they began to dig. This led to the discovery of a hidden labyrinth called Torazan Sanctum. Losing dozens from magical traps and guardians, they eventually took the place over. They spent a lot of times trying to find rumored chambers and passages laden with riches. Few were ever found, with the Mad Wizard's magical wards still functional, they would lose interest, moving on to dig somewhere further away.

In 1420, Okrungknot became home to both gnolls and Mongrelfolk. The latter were freed by Queen Kjadval of Griddrir, easy pickings for the gnolls.

When rumors spread of riches coming out of Torazan Sanctum, the Hakkhild and other gnoll tribes became a problem. Okrungknot grew to meet the intensifying raids from their greedy neighbors. Sacked many times, the place alway returned to those falling in line with Khazarkar interests. Backed by outside help wanting to keep them alive as a buffer, the place would eventually be retaken. This outside help usually came from Barun-Mitân. They see Okrungknot as strategically important, sitting at the crux of the gnoll and mongrelfolk tribes of Ânul, the earth giant chieftains of the Eylami Valley, and the machinations of the cloud city Griddrir.

In 1487, the cloud city-state of Griddrir, angry with the gnolls failure to pay tribute, sent a mercenary force against them. A drow mercenary company out of Ghaundan entered Okrungknot by way of secret passages that only they knew about; a few had once served under Flay as security. After capturing the place, they went to plundering Flay's old domicile. While this was going on, someone activated the labyrinth's main defense, this being Flays Flesh Golem Army, a force of 550 flesh golems. It is said the only reason the entire company was not wiped out was because the bodies clogged the passages and the golems were too stupid too move them, instead pulverizing the corpses into piles of shattered bones and flesh.

Again the place recovered, but was again sacked by Griddrir or elements serving her. What followed was a brutal campaign to rid the area of gnolls. The Mongrelfolk, now outnumbering the gnolls ten-to-one, were the primary ground forces. By 1722, Ânul was cleared of four centuries of gnollish influence; the gnolls went into the highlands of Damreth and other distant areas.

In 1832, Okrungknot and its subterranean labyrinth were taken over by a Conclave unit. They came here in search of an ancient relic, the same ones the Maul Seekers were quested to find. A couple months later, the Hulkurân Zagar, unit of the Maul Seekers, raided the place, wiping out the Conclave garrison and recovering the Scion Stump of Lukoon along with other treasures of the long dead wizard Flay.

With the ongoing war, Okrungknot is a shield against the restless giants of the north. The old money has returned. Barun-Mitân and Mulun-Dûna are eager rebuild this heart of conflict. They yearn for its security and the commercial houses want to revive this old commercial hub. They want to again get around trade restrictions by using Okrungknot as a middleman. If Griddrir were to stop this, they would firmly set themselves up as as someone working in the interests of the Flux Pact.

I can only wonder what our part is in all this.

- Zytra, of Trauma Squad, in the Web - "Meeting 16"

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