Howling Halls Bazundabil

Howling Marauders
RegionTribe Steppes
Built12 Artifice 1066

Howling Halls is the abode of werewolves, dire wolves, normal hounds and slave pens holdings humanoid food stock. One unit of this place are the Howling Marauders. They act as bandits during the day and beastly predators at night. Much of their activity is focused on the heavy traffic coming and going from the Shadow Rift.

Howling Halls is a mighty fortress, constructed long ago by the Umahanbad. They named the place Bazundabil, building it over a very rich silver mine. To get this ore back to the markets of Naram-Gunal, caravans had to travel though the deeps woodlands of Singarban and Maegorion. This was a hazardous road to travel with frequent attacks by packs of wolves and leucrotta. The latter of these are descendants of abyssal-born hounds that fought alongside Demogorgon's armies in the Demon Spawn War. To cull this population, hunting parties were sent out to reduce the wolf and demon dog population. The hunters were overzealous, soon forming hunting lodges, and doing it for sport rather than predator management. The god Silvanus took affront to this and in violation of the rules of The Balance, gifted some of the wolves with the curse of lycanthropy. After a decade, werewolves were running amok in the forest and infiltrating Bazundabil. On 19 Lunar 1118, a rare event happened when all of Bal-Kriav's moons were in full phase. The werewolves powered by four full moons, were unstoppable. Bazundabil fell to the hunger of werewolves and ever since has remained in their control.

Today, Howling Halls is manned by a crack garrison of lycanthropes and dire beast pets. A number of shadow giants, acting as assassins and spies, serve the beastly leaders of this place. Numerous caves and hideouts are located in the rocky slopes surrounding the Howling Halls. The more savage and reckless werewolves and bandit forces live in these places.