Council of Nine

The Arbiter, Syndic of the Council of Nine
LeadersThe Syndics
Formed1 Hollow 1290

In 1290, the heads of the largest and strongest merchant houses of Paradomea, a governing body called the Merchant League, reformed under a new business charter. They created another company called the Council of Nine. As part of becoming a leader of this organization, each had to give up their mortality, a sacrifice to prove their worthiness. Over the rest of 1290, each gave up their mortality, embracing lichdom. They swore oaths to undertake affairs that were for the economic good of Paradomea. Ever since then, to become part of the Council, and be a Syndic, one has to become a lich.

Even as liches, with their tendency to be evil, these Syndic have done well for Paradomea City and the empire's other holdings. For centuries, they have maintained unity with only a few periods of internal conflict. Theorists believe that the presence of the Ebon Bedrock, and mining of it, has something to do with Paradomea's history of strong law and order.

In 1292, the Council of Nine formed an agency called the Paradomea Consortium. This trade group was established to take over a lot of the mundane responsibilities once performed by the Merchant League.

When the Council of Nine are not dealing with running an empire, they create magic and do magical experiments. In the Year 1312, a few of the Syndics took part of the Ebon Bedrock and created three devices that allow inter-planetary travel between Bal-Kriav and another world called Oerth. These devices are the Prisms of Worlds.

Over time, some of the lich lords have perished by internecine conflicts and external forces, but the charter of the Council of Nine remains eternal. The charter requires that the Council always have nine liches, each from a leading merchant house, and the goal of profitability of Paradomea must always override private interests. This charter makes Paradomea's government a syndicate.

The nine syndics are generally neutrally aligned with their primary interest the growth and prosperity of Paradomea City, Aggis, and other holdings. They have allied with many empires and fought in many wars, yet never sought outright territorial aggression. They unusually get the latter by making a deal; usually with the other party at a disadvantage (c.f. Aggis). This is not to say that some of the Synics don't have a wickedness about them. They are undead, so they can never truly escape it - only quell it. If a Syndic proves to be too evil or too self-serving, then they are replaced.

Tearberon is a clandestine guild sponsored by the Council of Nine. In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), Paradomea stayed neutral to the conflict around them. They covertly sponsored some groups, like the Gray Matrix, but not to a degree to threaten their 1466 neutrality pact with the Dead Council.

The Council of Nine is a based out of an obsidian fortress called the Palace of Nine.

The complete defeat of an enemy and subjugation of their people can cause more harm than good. Civil unrest and sabotage will usually occur, and the population is less likely to contribute to the growth of your economy. Instead, let the defeated keep some of their institutions and pay tribute to your government.

- The Arbiter, from his book Making War Profitable - "Maxim of War"

The Syndics

The governorship of Paradomea is overseen by nine syndics. Their decisions are not made alone, they follow the empire's Merchant Code where business interests are of highest concern.
Syndics of the Council of Nine
Belecthorn of the WoodsSyndic of Resources
Caraldrarg the FirebenderSyndic of the Arcane
Lorkiee Kal-OniSyndic of Defense1554
Hidrist the UnforgivingSyndic of Internal Affairs Police Chief of the Gilogoth Magistrate
LasestrovSyndic of Special Projects1453
Sarurkane BrandaSyndic of Commerce and Treasury1290Westerlies Agreement, Nullattîm Balance
The ArbiterSyndic of Economic Defense
TomeSyndic of Records and Legislation
Umgitharg the Psi StealerSyndic of the People
Former Syndics of the Council of Nine
Bind IzudîmSyndic of Defense129015541468 Black Tide Report
CryanusSyndic of Commerce and Treasury14561497
LainómëSyndic of Special Projects14561453found giving excessive preferential treatment to her home city of Dhaunril'yraen, killed by Sarurkane Branda
KloidanSyndic of the Arcane 1552killed by a weave spider in the Artery War
Nargontou BrandaSyndic of Internal Affairs killed while pursuing thieves under the Palace of Nine
RazzirSyndic of the People wanted for treason