Founded2 Lunar 725

Work on this hold began under the wizard Anube and her lackeys. Sized for fire titans, Glothreth made of lava stone, obsidian, basalt, and other volcanic rock. Most of this stone was dredged from a crater lake that once rested down slope of it. When the wizard Anube created the Pumice Throne, the lake disappeared with the erupting volcanoes and great rivers of lava, leaving what is now known as Groa Torveig. After sacrificed herself to power up the throne, Anube's former minions took over the great bastion. As more fiery foes came through rifts created by the Throne, the bastion grew to be a citadel. Upon formation of the Cinderfall empire, Glothreth became her capital.

Even with all our forces, Glothreth cannot be taken. Any besieging army would best try to starve out the garrison, but doing so would require an inordinate amount of victuals beyond what could be done by land. Only dedicated skyships could supply them, and in the process be under constant threat by the region's hellfire wyrms.

- Agannâte, Giruk General, "Glothreth Siege Planning"

In the heart of Glothreth, which covers the surface and a large area underneath, is a rift to the world Muspelheim. It connects to a fiery world said to have been the birthplace of Surtur and other fiery abominations of the Dawn Era. From this rift, fiery creatures come to Anubeth and then are pressed into the ranks of Cinderfall's military. Those that resist are enslaved or killed. The few that escape or prove cunning enough to elude the gauntlet of soldiers around the rift, become free-willed creatures that sometimes prey on those that tried to entrap them or consider their good fortune and make off into the wilds of the region. Since the rift opened, the Flamemeans have waged a never-ending war with Artaxerteans. This Thrones War is the only thing that keeps the populations of both sides in-check, for as long as the rifts remain open, things come through. The original design of Glothreth was to protect the Pumice Throne. When the wizard Anube disappeared into it, the rift opened and fiery brutes began to come through. Those that took over Glothreth, undoubtedly under the Throne's guidance, expanded on the bastion to cover the rift and to have it serve as a collection area for new arrivals. The arrival area at the rift is open to the skies and looks like a hewn stone canyon. The great size of this area is because some of the things that can come out of Muspelheim can be colossal, towering abominations that defy imagination. In 1421, a primordial monstrosity came through the rift and wrecked havoc on Glothreth before moving west into the glacial wastes of Igas. This fiery humanoid, towering the height of three titans, was a progeny of the fire primordial Baltalas. It took an entire Artaxertean army to bring it down. As a result of this incident, the collection area of the Glothreth Rift was opened up even further to accommodate the super-rare chance that something like it comes through again.

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