TypeAbbreviationGP Conversion (1,2)
copper pieceCP200 CP = 1 GP
silver pieceSP10 SP = 1 GP
gold pieceGP1 GP = 1 GP
red gold pieceRGP1 RGP = 2 GP
crystal pieceCYP1 CYP = 10 GP
royal mintRM1 RM = 15 GP
platinum piecePP1 PP = 5 GP
Fimbulwinter GoldFG1 FG = 3 GP
Varelay PlatinumVP1 VP = 10 GP
merchant trade barMTB1 MTB = 100 GP
government trade barGTP1 GTP = 500 GP

  1. ten coins weigh one pound
  2. raw materials, such as ingots are worth 20% more than coins
Royal Mint

Royal mint is a currency of the Khazarkar Empire. It is a platinum piece inset with a ten gold piece bloodstone. Most of the bloodstone for this coinage come from Izgarrêth mines.

Trade Bars

Trade bars are used for large exchanges of money.