Tâchumâz Ivory Ward

AliasIvory Ward
Deep Bred10%
Founded18 Lunar 1020

Tâchumâz is a Langurâpha word that translates to Ivory Ward. At the time of this settlement's founding in 1020, the grassy plain Sot Zahk was a rich source of ivory. Ivory Asylum, then with a population entirely of elderaunts, were strongly against the hunting of elephants for sport or poaching. It was a view linked to Elephant Reverence; a legend fabricated to hide the true origins of the Elderaunt race. A few decades after the founding of Tâchumâz, many were sure that Tâchumâz was founded not so much as to protect the ill-tempered tusks of Sot Zahk but to be Salandirik's commercial rival. Conceived by the Tusken Council's Colonial Department, this mostly friendly rivalry, was done to undermine the pirates factions dotting the coasts of western Ma'Ohari and into the Buccaneer Archipelago.

Upon its founding, Tâchumâz was put under the administration of a tribe that had been causing problems in Rîni. The Irastâ tribe, serving in the interests of the empire's greater good, was tasked with administrating Ivory Asylum's newest colony. For three centuries, it served as Ivory Asylum's colonial administrative capital for Ma'Ohari affairs.

They are masters of destabilizing the peoples around them. They create a situation like what happened between Tâchumâz and Salandirik. Those around, pick a side to help, for commercial reasons, or perhaps hoping to pick away at Ivory Asylum's power. Too late do they learn their support of these fruitless rivalries and conflicts was all a game of brinkmanship coming out of Orra.

- Jaqad Gyalech, founder of Zerot - "Colonial Cubterfuge"

In the Horn Tusk Conflict, Tâchumâz was a frequent target of the Ba'lith empire. The city's great sea wall earned renown during this time. Worshippers of Athena called it Athena's Impregnable Bulwark. The sea wall proved so formidable to naval bombardment and other siege assaults, that attacking forces would instead land on shores to the north and south of the city. Athena's Impregnable Bulwark, the sea-facing walls of Tâchumâz, are massive in size, built first by the elderaunts, then added to by enslaved stone giants under Jairall Bloodtusk. These walls are themselves built into the rolling hills of the city. On each of these hills is a tower, villa, or estate of some noble, general or other important person. Like many cities along the western coasts of Ma'Ohari, Tâchumâz is populated by a diverse population with Tragarans, minotaurs, and Dromites being the predominate races.

In the Sacking of Ivory Ward, 6 Bloom 1465, the undead admiral king Jariall and forces out of Ba'lith, capturing the city. It was the capital of the Kingdom of Bloodtusk for nearly four centuries. Unlike its northern counterpart Salandirik, governed by Jairall's lich queen Cryanus, Tâchumâz was a wretched place rife with disease, brigandage, and murder. A lot of these problems were the result of city's sewers and the experiments undertaken in the Bloodtusk Fungal Labs. The purpose of these labs was to study molds and fungi for military applications.

In the Year 1800, the Burterinii-Buccaneer Alliance captured the city.

Tâchumâz is sited on Bloodtusk Bay. It has a port on the sea side and on the river Ralban which flows along the city's northern side. The city was built on a rocky base that has resisted the erosion from the powerful river rushing by its northern edge. A few rivulets flow under the city. These are used to flush the city's sewers, and if needed, drown any force attempting to enter the city from below.

Notable Areas
  • Coral Archives
  • Athena's Impregnable Bulwark, the seawall
  • Bloodtusk Fungal Labs
Civilization Tree
Ivory Asylum