Jarl Hargnorri, First to Thyrm
CategoryFallen Empires
RegionCinazan, Grashakh
Haugald650 HE - 31
Hrornskar314 HE - 650 HE
Ice Troll30%
Frost Giant5%
Alignmentchaotic evil
EnemiesAraj, Hofthorm
FounderJarl Hargnorri
Reign314 HE - 31

Glangveif was a Titan Empire of the Horgon Era. Her most powerful people were the frost giants. By force they came to rule a large area stretching from the central reaches of the Giant Steps and into Ugradrath. The empire was led by a series of Jarls backed by sects of priests following the whims of Thyrm. One of the titles of successful Jarls was something like First to Thyrm, with each successive ruler taking the next number; all the way up to the last Glangveif ruler Jarl Gratlod, Fifty-Sixth to Thyrm. Strangely enough, this title was only give upon death, yet was of great importance because of the honor to the Jarl's family.

One of the most notable resources of the empire was the Fimbulwinter Gold mined from the Anzar glacier.

In the Year 31, the Glangveif empire fell to the armies of Hofthorm. Her people did not disappear with Hofthorm domination. Some managed to elude their pursers and get far enough away to start over. One group made it to Bathurin where they founded the settlement Indraph. Another group made it to the icy isle Isgofnel and there founded the settlement Otraki Gaum, while others went to Nym-Zoedine and Tholamid.

Glangveif lasted 17 centuries, leaving ruins, strongholds, and cities that are today under new owners or lost to civilization.