Black Wood

Black Wood
RegionNorthern Hordelands
Class18th druid (Blighter) / 7th assassin
RaceKriavian Elf (Transcended Treant)
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born3 Bloom 746

Black Wood was born in the Kingdom of Ithengee. He dutifully served his people for many centuries. In 1222, he helped the Arch-Mages of Merioss in recovering two powerful artifacts named Blizzard and Firestorm.

In 1250, he became a Nature Protectorate for western Cinazan and parts of the Tribe Steppes. He served with honor for three decades, then he stopped showing up for the annual Glade Summit.

When it was learned that he was conspiring with agents of the Orchish Empire, he was disgraced and exiled from Ithengee. Afterwards, he descended further down the path of evil, taking a perverse view of nature.

Black Wood is an evil druid dwelling in the Northern Hordelands. He was formerly a kriavian elf, but has transcended to a perversion of a treant. He has been branded a eco-terrorist by the Nature Protectorates. He is a twisted and depraved individual, seeking only to pervert nature and corrupt the lands. He is an enemy of all those of The Balance. Many attempts have been made by the true druids of Brucrumus to eliminate him, most have failed and died, others have become his slaves.

Black Wood learned much of his dark ways under the tutelage of the Decay Conclave.

Aredhel and other druids of Brucrumus have a great enmity for Black Wood and Crimson Eye. The true druids say that Crimson Eye, when they were adventurers, helped Black Wood obtain a powerful artifact called Tarfilerquar. On 4 Bloom 1791, Black Wood planted Tarfilerquar in the heart of Maegorion. The artifact led to the corruption of the forest and all within it.

Black Wood sometimes rides a black unicorn named "Rosecrusher". Before turning evil, Black Wood was the Nature Protectorate of Grashakh.