Hand of Gith

LocationEye of Gith
OwnerHar'kish Empire
BuiltDawn Era

In 911, after piercing many defenses, the Har'kish found a weapon of great power. Hidden deep in the bowels of the Eye of Gith, this god-forged artillery piece was built to kill the unimaginably enormous primordials of the Creation War. The weapon's new owners again honored the githyanki's great hero, naming it the Hand of Gith.

The Hand of Gith fires a projectile of positive energy. This round is 25' long and made of crystal with iron framing. These positive energy rounds are propelled from a 110' long tube. Normally the cannon drops the round, rather than fires it. This is done by positioning the Eye of Gith over the target, with the barrel pointing straight down at a castle or city. When needed, the rounds can be shot with charges of positive energy.

The weapon is called the Hand of Gith in honor of the githyanki hero Gith. When the weapon was found, the githyanki moved it to the surface of the Eye and put it a fortress on the Ithar plateau.

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), the Eye and Hand of Gith, along with a Har'kish army were attached to the Black Tide of Thasmudyan as a mercenary force. The Har'kish used the Hand of Gith as a terror weapon against several cities of the Farinteen Alliance. In 1483, the Hand of Gith fired upon the cities Voruner and Vraga Moltus.

Late in the same year, the Sanguine Whispers were hired by the Farinteen Alliance to destroy the Hand of Gith. The guild sent an elite team of commandos, Squad X7E, on this mission. The group failed in the attempt to destroy the weapon; it was only cracked in the sabotage attempt. Near the end of 1483, the weapon was firing again, this time it was used to help in wiping out the Sanguine Whispers at Outpost Prime.

Due to the tremendous heat generated, the Hand of Gith can only be used once every 12 hours. It is very expensive to use the weapon, but this has never been a problem for the Har'kish.

Constructionblutium barrel
Diameter10.5' at tip and widening to 15' diameter at base
Rate of Fire1/12 hours
Range5 miles [gravity bomb]
To Hitinaccurate, 100'-600' off-target
Damagesee Voice of Gith
GP Value1,000,000
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