Typeelf sub-race
NativeBal-Kriav, Kriav

Drow are a product of the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE). In this war between the Covenant and the demons, there was an army of wood elves was under the command of General Lolth. They battled for control of the Draugluin Sector on Kriav. This was a region that went through long periods of great decay followed by great renewal. During the times of the Draugluin Decay, both sides turned to the region's great canyons and crags. There they found sustenance in the subterrrean realm below. Unaffected by the change above, it was a land of plenty. War down below in tunnels, caverns, and darkness, often at a disadvantage to demons engineered for the environment, resulted in Lolth's use of forbidden tech. A device of the Lost Ages, she used it on herself, then on her loyalists, creating a new elf sub-race that came to be known as the Drow. After the Covenant victory over the demons, the Drow and many other mortal races were left to make their own way.

The first civilization of the Drow came about in the Castamion Region. In this subterranean realm beneath Draugluin, for four centuries, Lolth ruled as the First Drow Empress. Renown in magic, archery, and the sword, she was a national hero that often personally dealt with threats. Her rule was harsh and competitive, favoring the females of society. With growing devotees, fanatics, and military orders, Lolth was on the Path of Ascension. When she became a Higher Power on 401 LE, she left the realm of mortals. Then still only home to the world of Kriav, its subterrrean reaches, this first drow empire was leaderless and with no line of succession. A series of civil wars erupted, those for religion, those for commerce, and then alliance between other interests. Theologians teach that it was an intended shock, one to scatter the drow, thereby spreading the faith of Lolth.

This First Splintering of Thiliorúth scattered the drow on Kriav. In 411 LE, seeing the "Chosen Path of Lolth", a feywild fuse, nearly a thousand went to the world of Bal-Kriav, re-occupying the ruins of Tyelmantar. The second shock to the empire that Lolth founded, named Thiliorúth, happened in 604 HE. Again splintered, groups made for safety, some taking the Chosen Paths of Lolth. On 12 Brightstar 610 HE, on Bal-Kriav, the survivors of one of these groups founded Filion'lyr.

Drow societies where Lolth worship is dominant are almost always matriarchal. They are ruled by the females who are either fanatical or claim to be, in their worship to Lolth.

Racial Traits
Racial as drow