Gudgrid - Adellum

RegionLands of Purity
Built5 Hollow 1024

Gudgrid is a colossal dam built hundreds of years ago by Raganbirak's stone giants. The engineering work was done by the Grey Masons. They designed a dam ten miles wide, and nearly 500' thick at its center. It has a height of 50 stories and atop the structure is a road and fortifications holding ever vigilant stone guardians, some living, but most golems and other constructs. Many of these latter creatures were placed here by mages and priests serving Malacost.

One can only wonder why the giants spent enormous resources, and countless hours of toil building this engineering marvel. When finished, the dam held back the main flow of the Culdanar for centuries, ultimately forming the Hruki lake.

Gudgrid has never been breached. Weather, time, magic, and mortal energies have assailed the place, but never so much as cracked the great stone blocks. Gudgrid is home to water elementals and stone giants.

Notable Areas