Class21st Necromancer
RaceCambion Tragaran
TitleBitch of Bone
Alignmentchaotic evil
BirthplaceParadomea City
Born9 Saunas 1286
Died3 Witchrite 1661

The necromancer Defilnus, or Defilnus of the Black, was born in Paradomea City. As a cambion, and like many of her ilk, she favored her dark side over her human blood. She dual schooled in necromancy and fire. She normally only turned to using fire when she was really angry.

In 1310, her troublesome nature led to her expulsion from Paradomea. This happened after she reduced the town Karouk-Tru to ash. She said this came about because the townsfolk chased her out and said she looked like something that crawled out of the Abyss; which has some merit given that she is the product of an incubus and a Tragaran mother.

She packed up and left Hells Womb and set forth with a large band of mercenaries, traveling deep into the northern highlands. In 1370 she completed construction on a keep called Bone.

In the area of Droonesh, she became headmistress of a cult dedicated to Orcus. In Argruxiel, she built a stronghold called Úrwath. This place became a necromantic school in the Year 1425.

In 1494, Ermikel the Balance wrote that Monty the Mad, then a mercenary in the Orchish Empire, was seduced by a female cambion. It is rumored, perhaps mockingly, that Defilnus and Monty carried on their love affair even after Monty became a death knight.

In 1660, Emperor Blac'drugulois approached Monty the Mad with an offer he could not refuse. The Emperor offered him the title Arch-Dragern of the Armies, but with a catch. Monty had to kill the one he loved to prove his loyalty to the emperor. Monty's lover, the power necromancer Defilnus had at her command, a guild chapter of the Rat Swarm. Wererat spies of this guild learned of the deal between Monty and the Emperor not long after his departure from Gháshulg. When Monty returned to Collossapolos, Defilnus was entrenched in her fortress, and little did he know that Defilnus had an underground labyrinth of unimaginable size spanning four levels under Collossapolos. It took a year to finally track her down and carry out the Emperor's bidding. When Monty carried out the task of killing Defilnus, a powerful curse was activated. The weapon that was enchanted by Defilnus and then given to her former lover, a relic called Tiamats Spur, became the focus of the curse. Tiamats Spur teleported away from Monty, yet still rather close, and he knew that from a felling inside of him, that it was somewhere in or under Collossapolos.