Flux Abomination
RegionIce Cap
Mogdúlg1361 - present
Bor?? - 1361
chaos aberration40%
Alignmentchaotic evil, chaotic neutral
EnemiesCentral Stability, Khazarkar Empire, Orchish Empire, Uromon
Established30 Hollow 1177

Neeth-Theen was founded by the goliath warlord Tharag-Turgûn. During his 30 year reign, he took control of an area that since the age of the Titans had been called Hleittil, a land of fertility. This was to change after 25 Saunas 1296. Thereafter the land and its inhabitants were forever changed when sorcerers working with an exiled slaad lord, opened a path to Limbo. As a result of this inter-system rift, the Sink of Chaos, Hleittil was flooded with the energies of the Chaos Maelstrom. This entropic energy changed the area's inhabitants, whether willingly or unwilling, turning some into abominations, others into aberrations of their former selves; like the Mamorian.

Neeth-Theen is led by tyrannical slaad lord named Ushgergoon. The Confusion Matrix cell of Entropy are his personal advisers.

Most of the empire's people pay homage to the Lord of Chaos and Madness, Neld-Rac.

In 1317, Neeth-Theen secretly financed the Nalbirag Gold War. Their interest in this conflict was the rumored energies of lake Rumak.

In 1828, the entire empire mobilized for war. This massive army became known as the 1st Horde of Chaos. They gathered other armies along their march, becoming the leaders of a multi-national alliance called the Flux Pact. The started Chaos War with a goal similar to that of the Primordial Lords, bring down empires, infuse the lands, its cities, its peoples with the stuff of Chaos.

Some of the types of creatures which make-up the Neeth-Theen are chaos aberrations, beasts of chaos, gibberlings, groundlings, and slaadi. Those that become prisoners of this empire and are in Flux, are eventually chaos infused, becoming chaos aberrations.

Neeth-Theen's largest source of income is hides. These come from the goats, cows, and other livestock which were changed when the Sink of Chaos opened. The hides from Flux's animals and beasts is some of the most supple and durable in all of Bal-Kriav.

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