Rúmil Aerie Guard
RegionHigh Wood Country
Alignmentchaotic good, chaotic neutral
DeitiesCorellon, Lokestant
EnemiesDaklode, Fargimdal
Established19 Bloom 36

In the Year 25, the people of Nénharma were driven from an island they had lived on for thirteen hundred years. They fled Turgon by ship and magic. The cause of this Turgon Exodus (13 - 25) was the opening of the Ungorth Reddik Road. This rift became the invasion route for an army of demons. Most of the Nénharma went to the northwestern shores of Brucrumus and then east into High Wood Country. In the Year 27, they founded Idril, nine years later, they established the Rúmil empire.

Rúmil has a magocracy government. Some of the first to sit in this government were the same wizards that had caused the opening of the Ungorth Reddik Road. The government has a strong magic policy, offering free arcane training schools for those able to pass the entrance tests. The intensive arcane schooling and magical manufacturers that go with it, makes Rúmil one of Brucrumus's top magical empires. Rúmil's government is no different than the one that once ruled Nénharma, one prone to cause discontent and unrest. In 544, several thousand of them broke from the empire. They migrated east into the Tribe Steppes, re-settling Marakellûth and establishing the Ithendelt a year later.

The majority of the empire's population are Kriavian Elves, most tracing their bloodlines to Gwildath. Most of the empire's halflings come from the Seven Vales.

Rúmil's elves are a haughty people, often condescending in their dealings with Angrod's wood elves. It is often said they treat halflings better. As a result, the elves of these two empires are usually unfriendly to each other.