Portal Sentinels

Headquartersvaries by region
varies by region
Alignmentsneutral inclined
DeitiesThe Balance, others
Symbolchains around an open door frame
FounderLeague of Magicks
Established26 Bloom 845

The Portal Sentinels were established by the League of Magicks. The group was formed as a department within the League, with primary duties including finding rifts, feywild fuses, and rips in the Web of Magic.

In the beginning their name Portal Sentinels was dubious, since they spent more time trying to figure out how these conduits worked or exploited them rather than establishing a guard to watch for any potential danger that may come out of them.

In 1200, the League of Magicks and the entire town around them was swallowed when an experiment delving into the Web of Magic went awry. Uriall-Madiess, home to the League of Magicks, fell into the expanding canyon Othrangad leading to the total loss of the town's population and most of the guild's members. the After this disaster, less than two dozen Portal Sentinels, those out in the field, were left. These remaining members took their charge more seriously after this incident. Thereafter, they studied, set-up wards, and devices to monitor disruptions in the Web of Magic.

Since the Dawn Era, the number of rifts opening have steadily increased. As a result of their dangers, like being invasion routes, the Portal Sentinels are financed by empires, orders, and private funding.

In the Ivory Dao War, the group helped Ivory Asylum close the Gypsum Rift.

Notable Personages
Cas ZarugadThe Regadnîn Sore
Nírathsurvey of Gebs Cradle
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