Web of Magic The Weave

weave spider and captured web weaver
AliasThe Weave, 2nd Dimension
FocusArcane Energy

The arcane energy to power all mage spells, magical phenomena, and other releases of non-divine magic come from the Web of Magic. Researchers at the XI Institute have theorized that a world's strength of magic is governed by the fabric of mystical energies surrounding it. If the Web is thin and weakened from extreme magic use, then more magic will pour into the world. However, a weak Web of Magic results in rips, which form rifts to other worlds and systems, cause wild magic storms, and other anomalies like that which devastated an entire region in the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203).

Some worlds have no Web of Magic, others a weak fabric. The world Bal-Kriav is an example of the latter. As such, magic is widespread and sometimes very destructive.

One way of weakening a world's Web is by using lot of magic in one area. This can result in a Deadening Effect, a Cascade or turn an area into a dead magic zone or lead to a magical cataclysm like what happened in the Gulimbor Cataclysm. Another far more dangerous method is to detonate a null mine at a precise spot. If successful, it will open a rift to another world. It sounds simple, but these weak spots are extremely difficult to find. One must also find the one attuned to a particular world that is to be the target of the rift. Assuming your have the resources, the entire process can take years to plan; then with a failure of rate of roughly 33%, you have to pray you have a good null mine.

Those with knowledge to work the Web of Magic, harnessing its magical energy, are called Web Weavers. The Lith-Crillion were the first web weavers. After the disappearance of the Lith-Crillion, it wasn't till the First Epoch when it was revived by a Conclave wizard of the First Khazarkar Empire named Adîlkhâru. This knowledge is contained in an ancient Lith-Crillion tome called Izrukîn Sa Thir. Adîlkhâru used this book to teach others of the Eldritch Conclave. The art of manipulating the energies of the Web of Magic has spread to other organizations in the realm. The Sanguine Whispers learned how to manipulate the web from books recovered at Ebonstar. They created a school for training web weavers called the Tangled Weave.

Mammoth creatures called weave spiders inhabit the Web of Magic. These beasts monitor the web for strains in the weave. They aggressively attack those seeking to tamper with the Web. These creatures are highly resistant, if not immune, to all forms of magic and psionics. Their mandibles are said to devour magic from items they touch. As evidence to the toughness of these web guardians, a Scroll of Dawn states that during the Creation War a primordial named Sarseg was killed by a pack of weave spiders.

Bal-Kriav's weak fabric of arcane is said to be a product of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). When this conflict spilled into Bal-Kriav, the gods fought with the primordials. The gods used the Web of Magic to aid in stopping the onslaught into areas like Regadnîn. They also used the Web to imprison some of the primordials. One of these is a massive terror called Dališar. This monster, its mind all but gone, is now a landmark of the wastelands of Weretopia.

Two areas of the realm that have had greatly damaged or lost their Web of Magic is Kriav and the world Throndar. The first nearly lost its Web in the Cube Collapse (1301 DE) and the other had its magical energy drawn away by Sarseg.

Weave Spider

These mammoth-sized creatures live in the Web of Magic. There sole purpose of existence is to repair damage to the Web. They focus on patching up rifts over any other disturbance.

The source of the weave spider's powers is unknown but rumored to surpass even the divine. It is rumored that no one, deity, humanoid, or other has survived more than a few rounds of combat with these creatures. Weave spiders completely control magic in the Web, nullifying it at will. While no one wishes to meet a weave spider, a sure way to attract its wrath is to tamper with the Web of Magic.

The Lith-Crillion had some control over the weave spiders. Without the aid of the weave spiders, they probably could not have destroyed the Womb of Entropy.

Weave Spider Traits
Arcane Shieldimmune to arcane energy - wizard spells, psionicscontinuous
Arcane Healingwhile in the Web of Magic, weave spiders heal 50 hit points per roundcontinuous
Arcane Consumptionmagic items striking a weave spider Fortitude DC50 save or suffer disenchantment, weave spider heals 25 hit points on failed savecontinuous
Flurry Attackweave spiders attack 6 times per round, each strike disenchants the area it hits - same as Arcane Absorptioncontinuous