Ved'ogiim Black Orc

TypeGithirmil sub-race
AliasBlack Orc
Creation6 Dreamer 1202
LanguageDraconic, High Orc

On 6 Dreamer 1202, the dragon cultists of Sos Vrii created the Ved'ogiim. Sometimes called black orcs, they were created by infusing several dozen pregnant Githirmil with the blood of an ancient black dragon. It resulted in a cross-between a Githirmil and an Ogre, muscular, black-skinned, and strong. They got an ogre's dim-wit and ugliness, black skin and deadly acid breath from the black dragon, and a bit more intelligence and nimbleness over an ogre, traits considered to be from their Githirmil mothers.

Sos Vrii's work did not go over well in the Orchish Empire. They saw it a regression from the techniques performed by their emperor Blac'drugulois, that is, recasting Orcs into Githirmil. As a result of public sentiment, the work of creating more Ved'ogiim was outlawed by the High Command. They were still created, just beyond the empire's reach. They were openly used in the military, with the High Command seeing their obvious value on the battlefield and garrisoning dangerous outposts.

In the Third Epoch, the Orchish Empire under Monty the Mad, made it okay to make Ved'ogiim. Accustomed to centuries of seeing or hearing about "black orcs", most considered it a law that had outlived its time.

Racial Traits
Brute Force +4 Strength
Dragon Brawn +4 Constitution
Black Blood 2/day - breath a jet of acid to 20' scoring 3d6 points of damage (Reflex DC 15 + reflex modifier of the black orc)
Ogre Stained -2 charisma, -2 wisdom