Where does this rift go?
Typeintra-system, inter-system transport

The realm has a number of rifts to other places. These places could be on the same world, or one that serves as a bridge between worlds, or even faraway solar systems. The ones linking distant systems are the ones of concern. These have historically been used for hostile purposes - like the primordial invasion of Nawirrûs in the Creation War, and then in the next era, the demon invasions that became known as the Demon Spawn War.

Tears in the Web of Magic result in rifts. These tears are usually a result of very strong magic being used in an area or some device, like a null mine, designed for creating a bridge between systems and worlds. Short of major divine intervention, permanent tears in the Web of Magic cannot be closed by any means. The more dangerous rifts are sealed off by powerful wizards, or special orders formed solely for this purpose, backed and supported in some cases by empire. Depending on the location of the sealed rift, it may be secured behind nearly impenetrable vaults, fortresses, and guarded by crack soldiers.

Rifts are usually magically created. There is another form of rift that is natural, and cannot even be explained or duplicated by the peoples of this realm, beyond even the technical know-how of the most brilliant gods and the primordials. This type of rift is a spatial gate. They were designed and built by an as of yet, unknown race. In the most specific terms, spatial gates are worm-holes fixed in place inside asteroids. They are one-way, so they have only been used in desperate situations, like when the Eenkai fled Throndar or when happened upon and used for conquest, like the one inside the Hollow of Sargos used in the Fifth Suellk Invasion.

A - F
Abyssal Funnel
Anaz Rift
Arioch Cloud
Caina Nexus
Energy Rifts
Feydark Fissure
Feywild Fuse
Fihrgrell Drain
Fjorstaki Rift
G - M
Gloom Wall
Glothreth Rift
Graer Rift
Gypsum Rift
Henmona Rift
Hezxis Pocket
Hollow of Sargos
Hollow of Tarsilja
Indraph Rift
Ingu'lumin's First Rift
Ingu'lumin's Second Rift
Moredhel-Fihrgrell Rift
Murkin Channel
N - S
Night Vat
Nírië Whirlpool
Núlananya Rift
Oaken Gate
Onk'ar Decath
Prisms of Worlds
Radullu Rift
Rings of Hettar
Ruld Geidlund
Sand Spitter
Sink of Chaos
Sôvuk Sea Gate
Styx Fountain
T - Z
Tempestants Springs
Tintibulus Chute
Toadoolp Twists
Togomud Sink
Ungorth Reddik Road
Waterhaven Channel