Ebonstar Imân-Sabâr

RegionLands of Purity
Built17 Brightstar 931 LE

When it was built by the Lith-Crillion, this formidable fortress was called Imân-Sabâr. Sometime later, this name was simplified to be Ebonstar. The fortress is made of a stone that changes color to match the amount of light hitting it. Under full sunshine, it is bright white, while at night it turns an ebon black. The stone is otherworldly and found nowhere else in the realm.

Ebonstar is sited north of the Marrow Fields and along the western slopes of Storsald. It is built into the side of a mountain with a great waterfall cascading down the cliffs before it. Ebonstar is reachable by air and through a maze of passages, traps and monsters. These have been cleared by various forces in the past. When they left the place, the monsters came back, and clockworks rebuilt the traps and repaired the place to how it was when the Lith-Crillion built it. The Lith-Crillion clockworks still carry on their orders to this day. Their sole purpose is to make it so that the maze is operational and that it mechanically prevents intruders from reaching Ebonstar.

From 1465 to 1479, Ebonstar was an outpost of the Sanguine Whispers.

In 1479, forward units of Garn, a general of the Black Tide, drove out the Sanguine Whisper garrison. Taking it as his future palace, Garn set his labor battalion to rebuilding. This work ended on 17 Lunar 1480, with Garn assassinated by Squad X7E.

After the assassination of Shathalgin, daughter of Pinth Blackstrike, our saboteur proved his worth once again. He blew a 20' diameter hole in the ceiling with four nilience satchel-charges.

The floor of the chamber was made of clear crystal. Under it were disembodied heads of innumerable Tragarans, Theegans, elves, Githirmil, goliath, dwarves, gnolls, giants, jara, and other sacrificial victims.

The walls were a horrifying spectacle, streams of blood ran down the sickly mauve stone.

The archway to the chamber was decorated with skulls and bones of otherworldly creatures. Each door to the place was made of rose hue quartz and etched with dark prayers to Thasmudyan.

The throne of the chamber was an enormous hollowed-out black dragon skull. To one side of the throne was an alabaster statue of a diabolic man with the head of a lich, wearing a crown of worms and bearing a barbed black iron staff topped with a rotting hyena's head. This was obviously a statue of Thasmudyan.

Flanking from the right of the throne was a massive 6' tall bone vulture head. The pillars supporting the ceiling were shaped like slender purple and yellow worms. They were made of stone from Mughakh-Gol. The obsidian dais supporting this throne was covered with iron spikes jutting upward. Another sickening site was an impaled Tragaran on the dais. Maggots and worms were slowly devouring this corpse.

- Squad X7E, Sanguine Whispers mission debriefing - "Operation Pit Viper"

After the Black Tide War, Ebonstar was rebuilt, becoming a major fortress of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan.

After the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), the place was re-modeled and greatly expanded by Malacost. The fortress now houses an aerie for a pair of gold dragons, training areas for an order of paladins and schools for Athena priests. At the heart of Ebonstar is the great Athenanean temple called Mezenakalgas. The spires of this edifice are visible from the Marrow Fields.

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