Pirate Lords

Memberspirate groups of Buccaneer Archipelago, Ma'Ohari, Hells Womb
Period1242 - present

The Pirate Lords confederation is an organization of pirate holds spread across the islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago, the northern coasts of Ma'Ohari, and the southern fringes of Hells Womb. The pirates of this vast stretch of islands and oceans are loosely bound. They come together whenever a great threat presents itself. Each time the confederation become active, its composition may vary greatly from the last active one.

The two main parties of this confederation are the city-states Raci-Tuc and Ren-Jorusk.

Pirate Lords has a long and rather successful history of pirating and resistance to the greatest of naval powers. They have defied threats and attacks from Shounejo and refused to ally with the Black Tide during the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). As a result of this refusal to submit, they were attacked by the Black Tide, losing Raci-Tuc and Ren-Jorusk. For the rest of the war, these city-states were run by a military governor named Jariall Bloodtusk. After the war, these holdings became domains of the Kingdom of Bloodtusk.

Between 1795 and 1800, the Pirate Lords joined forces with the Burterinii. They established a military pact called the Burterinii-Buccaneer Alliance. The goal of this alliance was the total destruction of the Kingdom of Bloodtusk. Named the Burterinii-Bloodtusk War (1795 - 1800), it ended with the death of Bloodtusk and his evil kingdom. By agreement, Raci-Tuc and Ren-Jorusk were returned to the pirates, reverting to being independent city-states.

The Pirate Lords have destroyed punitive expeditions sent against them from Paradomea, Ivory Asylum, and others. As a result of their organization and numbers, most companies and some empires pay the Pirate Lords for "safe passage" of their vessels. This fee is sent to a council of pirate lords, captains, and other representatives of pirate gangs that represent the Pirate Lords. They divide the money up among those in the organization that agree to curb their activities against the fee payer's shipping.