Ares Acclaim statue of Iraktharbhun
RegionLands of Purity

Iraktharbhun is a valley stretching from the inland Galathien sea to the waves of the Pearl Sea. In earlier times, it is said that gold could be plucked from the valley's streams. The wide and slow-flowing Tániel river travels cuts down the valley's center. Iraktharbhun's western flank are the Raganbirak Mountains, and averaging 10 miles to the east, Arbhundûl Mountains.

Nearly two dozen great statues are scattered across Iraktharbhun, on the edges of the rising highlands they face inward towards the valley. Each were built by the Tungesti, a people that have lived in the southern reaches of the Lands of Purity for thousands of years. Built in reverence to Ares, one statue has been raised every 400 years since he became a Higher Power - a total of 18 since 25 War March 9069 GE. Going by names like Ares Acclaim, Arm of Ares, Ceremonial Blades, War Sentential and so on, sometimes one becomes infused with divine magic, giving a boon to those who sleeping nearby. These boons only come about when someone or group has performed a great deed in favor of Ares. The War Sentinel is the only one that cannot provide a boon. This is because this statue is a stone colossus, immune to any sort of magic. This formidable creature was created by priests working directly with Ares. It has only once came to the aid of the people of Iraktharbhun. In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), the War Sentential drove off an undead army of Katrana. For as long as the Black Tide were in the Lands of Purity, the War Sentienl prevented the linking of the armies of Katrana and with those in the west.

The valley and the highlands flanking Iraktharbhun have long been home to Tungesti tribes. These barbarians are spread out across a vast area. In 1124, the storm titan Dranfulmus came to Iraktharbhun and united many of these tribes. Two years later under the leadership of this hero, the tribes attacked Iglutt and brought down the evil Kingdom of Naggor. The barbarian horde seems to have been civilized by this effort, because the Targad confederacy was established several years later. When this confederacy broke apart in 1534 the Tungesti splintered, returning to their old ways and lands deep in the valley.

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