RegionTribe Steppes
RaceNight Hag
Alignmentneutral evil
BirthplaceCaorpu'gom, of the Gehenna system
Born6 Brightstar 955 HE

Thryunkian is an exile of Gehenna system. She aided Graz'zt and Demogorgon in the murder of Orcus. On his subsequent re-birth as undead, the demon prince sent minions to hunt her down. Her former allies offered no aid, so she fled Gehenna for the mortal world Bal-Kriav. She did this by offering her true name to the wizard Flay. In return for information on dark rites and the true names of others, she was released from Flay's bondage. She established a new place of living in the swamp Ilorath.

Thryunkian continued to help out the Mad Wizard Flay for 40 years. She aided this orc wizard in magical experiments and even as a sexual consort. In time she grew weary of his ego and freed a number of evil creatures from the Prismatic Cells of Tridrak. The most powerful of these former prisoners was a death slaad named Groggumblus (c.f. Theruleth). Together, the two captured Flay and tore him to pieces, feeding on the remains and capturing his soul for eternal torture.

In 1280, Thryunkian took over the ancient ruin Urgalroth and began spreading her influence in the areas about it.

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