Sadar-Nizar Scorpionfolk

Creation15 Saunas 1275
LanguageElvish, Nidurrâb

The Sadar-Nizar were born in the wastes of Athurrâm. Instead of being like most sentients, a product of Creation, they came from powerful magic gone awry. Over a period of weeks in Saunas 1275, the centaurs of Athurrâm were magically changed. Magical emanations from the Cube of Arcane made them Cube Tainted, their equine lower body became that of a scorpion and their upper body, though still humanoid, became covered in chitin.

The Phâte Ubrî named them Sadar-Nizar, or "scorpion-folk". Proving more useful and obedient in their new forms, they became targets of slavers making stops in the Khazarkar Empire. Those taken young are raised in military crèches, becoming elite guards for government officials or sent to special units of the Athirbêni. Once part of the Khazarkar Empire, these Sadar-Nizar tend to have a good life. Military for life, they are restricted to roles in security and the armed forces; many of the empire's top military schools have Sadar-Nizar educators.

Sadar-Nizar of the Khazarkar Empire generally look down others of their kind that still roam the deserts.

In the Third Epoch, Sadar-Nizar started joining the Minâth Protectors, guardians for the empire's elite families of the Minâth-Nôrî.

Racial Traits
Racialas scorpionfolk
Cube Tainted