Flameghulead Yoltaas Dinok Klov

RegionLands of Purity
AliasYoltaas Dinok Klov
RaceRed Dragon (Dracolich)
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born9 Lunar 743
Undead22 Temporal 1477

Yoltaas Dinok Klov, blood of Apocalypse, was born in the crags of Urkthal. In his early days, he brazenly terrorized the Theegans of Muzratân, and the peoples of what he clamed was his territory by the mere fact that he was a red dragon. The dwarves and Tungesti suffered badly for decades under his attacks. Later when the Farinteen Empire brought some stability to the Lands of Purity, he was forced to act more cautiously. He returned to his old habits when the region was destabilized by the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504).

Up until he was captured and transformed into a Flameghulead, Flameghulead considered himself agnostic. When he was beaten into submission by Garn and Pinth, he replied to their questioning him on who he worships:

I have no use for gods, and they of me. I have been my own pawn and remain so until some slippery proselytizer changes my mind.

- Yoltaas Dinok Klov, "My Own Pawn"

On or about 11 Witchrite 1475, Flameghulead surrendered to Garn and pledged obedience to him for as long as he was rewarded and his master proved of greater might. Flameghulead served Garn for five years, fighting in some of the battles of the Lands of Purity during the Black Tide War. Gard, unable to pronounce his dragon name correctly, simply called him Flameghulead. In one of his personal journals he states that:

Flameghulead is untrustworthy. I know he has tried to drop me from great heights by quick dips and wing overs even when I'm not prepared for them, and flown far too close to obstacles in what seemed to be attempts to slam me into jagged cliffs, or be close-lined on a tree limb.

- Garn, from a personal journal - "Devious Flameghulead"

Flameghulead became a dracolich on 22 Temporal 1477. His transformation to an undead dragon happened inside Athenas Daggers, the process performed by Tîra-Phâth dragon cultists. This was done as part of a payment by Vith Alok to the Black Tide of Thasmudyan. In return, they were allowed to continue trade and other activities in areas under Black Tide control.

Flameghulead's transformation from the living to the undead is what made him belief in things much greater than himself and those of this realm. He was showed the ways of Thasmudyan by proselytizers serving Katrana and adopted this God of the Undead as his patron deity.

When Garn was taken out by Sanguine assassins, Flameghulead was noticeably absent from Ebonstar. He disappeared during the attack on the place and was never seen again. There are a number of rumors and legends of his fate, any of them could be true, some claim he was swallowed up in a rift during the battle, while others says he flew far north into Elemantum, joining the fiery brutes of Anubeth.

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