Battle Arena of Bile

classic joust
RegionHells Womb
OwnerCouncil of Bile
Built1 War March 1325

The Battle Arena of Bile was completed in the Year 1325. The colossal edifice, thousands of feet long, and half as wide is built on the outskirts of Drakhôr. The builders sought to overshadow the Centrifuge Coliseum in both size and grandeur. During construction of this colossal stadium, great magic was used to help raise and support its massive arches, columns, and hundreds of statues. The builders also used dozens of giant laborers from the Gelugon Range and Trudnar.

The Battle Arena of Bile can house 150,000 spectators, and the fields of combat are so large as to allow large infantry and cavalry formations. The west stadium has seating looking into the interior of the arena, as well as those that overlook Nadrunal. In this lake, naval games can be watched from the Battle Arena of Bile. The vast size of the game fields are such that spyglasses and magical viewing apparatus are placed in the stadiums to allow spectators close-in viewing. Magic is used in some games to create fog banks, hallucinatory terrain, and other obstacles. The annual gathering called the Knights Cross tournament is held at the Battle Arena of Bile

Hundreds of banners, flags, and pennons fly over the stadiums. Banners of the knightly orders, both existing and long gone, have their places about the stadium. The blue and white banner of the Lances of Merioss is sited next to the gold and blue banner of the Council of Bile.

Before the construction of the Battle Arena of Bile, the Knights Cross tournament was restricted to knights.