Morath War

Period1115 - 1120
Orchish Empire VS Gimhak

In the early part of the First Epoch, the Orchish Empire pushed north into Inirthak; the southwestern sector of the Grashakh Region. They started claiming parts of Morath, lands of the kingdom of Gimhak. In 1115, the two went to war, starting the Morath War. Five years later, claiming victory, the aggressors built the fortress Kotharlarg as an anchor to their claim.

The Gimhak are behind mountain bastions that are thousands of years old. It will be too costly to assail these places. We will build up our forces, cover the lowlands with forts and great bastions, boxing them in, then proceed to exterminating the pests.

- Zurghed, Fograth Dragern of Grand Strategy - "Push and Contain"

After the seizure of parts of Morath, the Orchish Empire pushed north and east around Gimhak's ancient Bileddanul bastions.

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