Morath War

Bileddanul (south) - Inirthak

Period1115 - 1120
Orchish Empire VS Gimhak

In the early part of the First Epoch, the Orchish Empire pushed north into Inirthak. They laid claim to parts of Morath, lands of the Gimhak Monarchy (1306 HE - 1503). It was the hardest war yet for the nascent empire of Blac'drugulois.

Lasting five years, it ended with the Orchish Empire securing Morath and the lower foothills of Bileddanul, doorstep to the Gimkhak's mountain homes. Securing their claim, on the river Glumgard, the victors began work on the fortress of Kotharlarg.

The Gimhak are behind mountain bastions thousands of years old. Too costly for a direct assault, we will cover the lowlands with forts and great bastions, boxing them in, then proceed to exterminating the pests.

- Zurghed, Fograth Dragern of Grand Strategy - "Press and Envelop"

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