OwnerOrchish Empire
Founded19 Prey 487 HE

During the Horgon Era, the Titan Empire of Glangveif built a massive citadel at the head of the Anzar glacier. The vast gold deposits beneath this glacier made this one of the richest empires of the period. To keep a closer eye on the gold flowing out of the Anzar mines, the frost giants of Glangveif made this city their capital. When the gold veins dried up, the frost giants abandoned the city and moved northward.

Haugald is located in the northern peaks of the Giant Steps. Today, it is much further away from Anzar than it was in the Horgon Era. This is a result of an Ember of Tosgerd which was thrown into the glacier by a Hofthorm army besieging the place. Although Hofthorm did not succeed in taking the place, the Ember of Tosgerd did have the effect of breaking the ego of Glangveif. The heat of this Ember also melted part of the glacier, and still keeps the waters of Kedmaer warm all year around.

In the First Epoch, some of Haugald was re-built by frost giants serving Jarl Othnord. In 1285, this petty king was killed and his frost giant brethren enslaved by the Orchish Empire. After changing hands, Haugald rebuild and modified to suit smaller creatures. A port was also added to the city for ship building and naval training. This port faces north into the waters of Kedmaer.

Long before the Orchish Empire had a port on the Core Sea, this place was used for training orc sailors and marines (c.f. Core Offensive). The reason for doing it here rather than on lake Virgath was to keep the size of the orc marine force somewhat secretive. Centuries of training on this lake was often joked about by other empires. Many wondered why the Orchish Empire wasted time and money on such training when they had no access to the sea.

We can only speculate on the designs of the warmongering orcs, but I think they have an interest in our Core Sea.

- Setarum Renardin, Terrant strategist of the Batthur√Ęk, "Captured Document TX456"

The Core Offensive made these fools realize that the High Command are far-sighted planners. Today, the Orchish Empire has access to the Core Sea, and a veteran force of sailors and marines to man their warships.

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