OwnerOrchish Empire
Founded19 Artifice 487 HE

During the Horgon Era, the Titan Empire of Glangveif built a massive citadel at the head of the Anzar glacier. The vast gold deposits beneath this glacier made this one of the richest empires of the period. In 620 HE, wanting to keep a closer eye on the gold flowing out of Anzar's mines, Haugald became Glangveif's capital.

In the Ice Pillar War (14 - 31), battles raged north of the city. When this icy battlefield was melted, becoming Lake Kedmaer, the city soon fell along with the kingdom of Glangveif.

In the First Epoch, the ruins of Haugald were re-built by frost giants serving under Jarl Othnord. In 1285, this petty king was killed by forces serving the Orchish Empire. After changing hands, Haugald was modified, some areas made more comfortable to those of less than giant stature. The navy of the Orchish Empire, the Fothakith, added a port for lake commerce and naval training. For the latter, it was part of a long-term vision of the High Command, securing a port on the Core Sea. Based out of Haugald, the Fothakith trained sailors for the day when they would be needed to hold the coasts against those with no interest in seeing the Orchish Empire near them (c.f. Core Offensive).

The Githirmil are led by long-term planners, the Court of One Hundred Eyes, the Ageless Emperor. At Haugald, they have a secret navy, training for a grand operation from Virgath to the Core Sea.

- Setarum Renardin, Terrant strategist of the Batthur√Ęk, from a captured document - "Naval Maneuvers at Haugald"

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