RegionLands of Purity
Built9 Brightstar 60

Elamir is sited in the Elberial forest. It is a tree fortress built by the wood elves that would go on to establish the elven kingdom Galadriël. They constructed the place in and around a colossal tree known among the Tragarans as Cloudscrapers, or Seluco �?rvol in Elven. The base of this tree is 300' in diameter and rises to 1200' in height.

Elamir was built to guard the intra-system rift Oaken Gate. This gateway is 100' off the ground among the thickest and broadest limbs. It is guarded by wood elves

In 1484, the Black Tide War was ravaging the Lands of Purity. The Black Tide moved against the southern part of the Lands of Purity by dispatching Katrana and her army to the Sylvan Kingdoms. The first place to fall was Elamir. By taking this place, the elves from Elrohir Mithrandír (a region on the other side of the world Bal-Kriav) were unable to come to the aid of their elven brothers in Galadriël.

In 1533, the evil infesting the area was driven out by the Golden Elite.

Notable Areas
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