Bâlê - Vetoubahr
Founded19 Saunas 798

Bâlê was the first major settlement founded by the minotaurs that fled west and then south from Gulimbor with the Great Minotaur Revolt (785 - 796).

Bâlê served as the capital of Ba'lith until 945 when it was moved to Merorarg.

Bâlê is a Nidurrâb word meaning freedom. Their is some debate as to why the minotaurs chose this name. Some say it was because the minotaurs were newly free after decades of slavery to the First Khazarkar Empire and quite indoctrinated in Khazarkar culture, while others (including the minotaurs) claim it was named as a slight to their former masters.

- Ermikel the Balance, "Freedom Slight"

Bâlê is sited near the Hive region. As such, it has a very strong garrison. The largest groups of races in the city are minotaurs, hobgoblins, bugbears and auhjeen. The latter are mercenaries from Hive that are some of the best troops in dealing with the Hive Swarms that periodically attack southern settlements of Azrik. During the Locust Encroachment (1412 - 1694), this city was overrun several times by the Hive Swarms. After each recapture, the city defenses were added to in such a way to create a maze of walls to channel the wave attacks of the swarms. Bâlê defenses are high and deep, making this place one of the most defensible cities in the realm. The city has hundreds of knell cannons along its walls and towers. These cannons, built from killed bugs, are extremely effective against the swarms. Bâlê's southern walls are built into the Moralak wall.

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