Bor, a chaos ruin
CategoryRuins (Chaos Ruin)
RegionIce Cap
Founded26 Witchrite 891 HE

Bor is an ancient ruined city south of Zyk. The place was built by the stone titans of Cûngin-Zar. When this empire fell, the ruined city was overtaken by a forest. In the Second Epoch, when the Neeth-Theen came to power, they rebuilt the place and re-faced much of the giant-sized city.

In 1361, the city was destroyed from avalanches and powerful Exercises of Geb. The remaining buildings of this place have a chaotic architecture. Adding to the sinister appearance of the place, are smoking rifts, which cut through the city like streets. Bor is also a chaos ruin with heaps of rubble and buildings floating over the city, held aloft by nothing visible or even detectable with magic. There is also the occasional tornado-like cloud of rubble spinning through the ruins, or a stream flowing up a hill, or other anomaly.

Bor was the former capital of the Neeth-Theen. When this empire abandoned the place, some of the wards in their old labs either broke down or were breached. This released their occupants and left unguarded rifts to Chaos. The ruins became chaos infused, harboring such monstrosities that even Neeth-Theen feared going back to the place.

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