RegionLands of Purity
OwnerDivine Empire
Founded17 Bliss 1402

Helmstar is sited on the northwestern coasts of Galathien. The place has suffered many sieges and been sacked twice, the first time by the Black Tide of Thasmudyan in the Black Tide War, and then by the Witch Horde in the Phoenix Rising war.

Helmstar was built by the Farinteen Empire as a bulwark of defense against the marauders of the Northern Hordelands. The marauders being classified as the Theegans of the Witch Horde, goblins of Pellangoth, wild elves of Kuli-Cir, and the occasional raid from Zyrath's gnolls.

After the Athena Crusade, Helmstar refused to join Malacost as a state, and instead chose to become an independent city-state. This was largely on the urging of the holy orders of Rumakarrûs. Those disagreeing with Malacost's religious leaders on how to best follow the will of Athena (c.f. Athenian Schism).

In 1823, Helmstar was still an independent city-state. When it was beset by the Witch Horde of Arhibess, the city's fall led to the survivors being sent north as slaves to some Theegan master.

In the Phoenix Rising war, soldiers of the Luran Alliance rescued the city from barbarian depredations and began re-building it. At the conclusion of the war, the city became a holding of the Divine Empire.

Helmstar does a lot of commerce and fishing on Galathien. It also has a substantial navy that patrols the seas by night, ever watchful for raiders of the Underdark using the Vortices of KhushnĂ­r.

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