Founded17 Artifice 298

In 297, nearly 450 Mezrack colonists left Mîmig-Khâla for new lands. They departed the fabled isle Arcana, crossing the Mephigax in a Lith-Crillion Pod Nautiloid. On 9 Brighstar, they arrived in a booming port city on the Karnegmoth coast. In an unusual gesture for the Sussgurd of the age, Râpha-Sûn's leaders welcomed the new arrivals. At the time, Râpha-Sûn and her sister city Liope were having problems with southern Gul. This came from the power vacuum created by the Holentur War. The giants of Glascis, no longer checked by the wily Ethenorans, were left to come down from their icy retreats, raiding, plundering and slaving. Râpha-Sûn, Liope and the foreign settlers agreed on terms, ending with a settlement charter for southern Gul. It also stipulated common defense for the area around Glascis. Five months later, in the southern foothills of Eldimen where it meets the Benthiel Ridge these colonists founded Agibandal. For decades after, thousands would leave the shores of Arcana for this new settlement. In Mîmig-Khâla, recruiters looking to grow Agibandal, marketed free land for as far as the eye could see, and the fortunes to be made in the Gold City. A name given for the dozens of gold mines just north of Agibandal.

After the fall of Tinnanguth, Agibandal had to contend with Tinnanguth's former Earthen slaves. Now without purpose, they rampaged about the countryside, while dao satraps jockeying for control. This Dao Civil War ended with their unification under the Rilirthad Empire. Agibandal and this new empire were friendly for a very long time.

The peaced ended in the 1400s. This started with the sudden appearance of the citadel Lamprophyre. This Rilirthad city burst from the surface on an ever-expanding river of sand. The Rilirthad were on a path to annex northern Eldimen and enslave the Bimothak. Agibandal were friends with these people, so they took their side. Ivory Asylum, with their beginnings under elementals, were no friends of Rilirthad. To protect their trading partners, they gave substantial military aid and supplies to those going up against a behemoth.

In 1429, the fourth year of the Ivory Dao War, Agibandal was captured by Rilirthad's armies. The city's refugees fled east where most went on to become citizens of Ivory Asylum.

Agibandal is a city-sized ruin. At its peak, it had nearly 200,000 souls. It was led by an oligarchy government comprised of clan leaders.

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