According to Lith-Crillion records, this area was once a deep verdant valley with only the occasional tremor from the region's three volcanoes. This all changed in the 7th century of the Lith-Crillion Era.

The volcanoes Arhi'phis and Verfaer became more active, as if ushering in the rise of Varelay.

- Nîr Ralc, Thrakopolis historian, excerpt from his book - "Demon Empire of Ma'Ohari"

Malephar is a great volcanic depression that is as volatile as any in Hell. It is flanked by the jagged and torn peaks of Kimaris. The place was not always so volcanic. Late in the Lith-Crillion Era, the demons of Varelay had a slave force of tens of thousands mining the valley and surrounding peaks. They caused so much damage to the environment that devastating earthquakes were happening to frequent to be normal. It also led to increased volcanic eruptions and the appearance of growing numbers of cinder cones and releases of pressure and gas. This period of volatility came to be known as the Varelay Upheaval (2608 LE - 16 HE).

Malephar is a smoky and noxious wasteland dotted with geysers, steam and poisonous gas vents, magma lakes and acidic pools. It is claimed as territory of the Goth-Dyvermoir. A number of petty lords dwelling in the area's rugged landscape dispute any such overt claim of control.

Malephar is the abode of numerous salamanders, fire elementals, fire giants, Gol'hakh, hell hounds, and other fiery brutes. Some are citizens of Goth-Dyvermoir, others slaves destined for the area's rich mines.

The lava flows of Malephar come from Hen'khas's two volcanoes Arhi'phis and Verfaer. In areas where the elevation was not suitable for natural drainage, canals were built to channel lava to the fiery moats of castles, or through the yards of some lord, or into one of the area's many famed forges. The excess that cannot be recycled down to Surturs Eyebrow is directed into the Sallos bay. Many of these canals date to the time of Varelay when slave forces in the tens of thousands were put to work building them. Today, the same canals and new ones are built and maintained by workers out of Goth-Dyvermoir.

The volcanic wastes of Malephar are home to many forges. These Malephar Elemental Forges are often open areas, in the middle of nowhere, unclaimed because of the hostile environment around them. Each of these special forges were built from forge works salvaged from Mughakh-Gol. The items created here are known for their durability and susceptibility of being infused with the energy of Chaos. Some, corrupted during the time of Varelay, are useful for crafting items with unholy properties. The primary use of the forges is to make items requiring magical fire properties.

The Pyramid of Conflict is at the northern edge of this depression. It rests on slender spire of rock, one that cannot possibly support the weight of the pyramid, yet it does.