Athenas Daggers

Blue Dragon
RegionHells Womb

Athenas Daggers is a cluster of towering spires in the midst of a dry windswept plain. The mountainous area covers fifteen square miles, with the highest spire topping off at 18,000'.

Over the ages, many have lived here. Huge caves, labyrinths and ruins dot the area, some built by Demogorgon's armies, then by goblins, thick in the area in the age of the Lith-Crillion, then by those serving dragon satraps in the Horgon Era, and others thereafter. The longest to remain in the area are the stone giants. They have a half-dozen villages and hundreds of homesteads scattered about the area, yet the area is still untamed. The stone giants consider themselves the caretakers of Athenas Daggers. They maintain the old places, the Horgon Era dragon-sized labyrinths and places deeper inside the spires. This deeper area is the Cairn Ascent and the ancient holy bastions of Phollûmâ that once girded it in the war against Demogorgon's armies.

In the Second Epoch, the dragons returned to the area, taking up residence in the abodes of their ancestors. These are mostly blue dragons, the type attracted to the area's higher than normal thunderstorms. The reason for the dragon's return was the presence of a dragon cult, the Tîra-Phâth. In 1065, they set-up shop in one of the old dragon lair's, and since that time have destabilizing those around them when it suits them, extorted money for "keeping the dragons at bay", and selling trained blue dragons to the Council of Bile.

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), the area was threatened by undead legions pushing northward towards Sorrow Pass. The giant caretakers, along with Tîra-Phâth's dragons and allies, kept the Dead Council from taking claim of the area.

Athenas Daggers has a number of passages leading to the Underdark. By way of the Cairn Ascent, one can reach the polluted lake Maitimírë. This body of liquid, tainted by the waters of the Styx River, is a source for a much sought after stone called Styx Granite. This results in a lot of traffic, and conflict, along the Cerulean Road passing Phollûmâ's holy citadels.