Torazan Sanctum

OwnerTrauma Squad
Built5 War March 1253

Torazan Sanctum was built by the Mad Wizard Flay. It is sited in the Ânul hills. It is reached by going through the courtyard of the keep Okrungknot.

Torazan Sanctum is a sprawling complex spanning five levels. The place has summoning chambers, numerous traps, and an enormous chamber that was used for making golems - the Golem Depot. Faeglor can be reached from a number of passages in the lower levels.

In the Year 1832, an adventuring group named Trauma Squad raided this place. They defeated a detachment of Conclave wizards and their minions and then took the labyrinth as booty. The group secured the place and its valuable gem and silver mines. In this place they found an army of flesh golems called Flays Flesh Golem Army. These golems were stored in a vast chamber with multiple decks. In a chamber far above, they found a massive lightning rod with the purpose of powering up the flesh golems.

Notable Areas