Chaos Sea of Entropy

Broken World
AliasSea of Entropy

Chaos is a raging sea of entropic energy and matter at the heart of the Universe. It is the origin of all the systems that have come after it. It is where the primordials came from and where their lesser creations still roam. Some of these lesser creations are chaos archons, elementals, slaadi, and the demons.

Though most of Chaos is an ever-changing landscape defined by chaos and unpredictability there are areas within the chaos that have a more defined set of stability. These islands are formed through the will and power of mighty elemental beings, often primordials but including other denizens of the Chaos as well. Within these realms a sort of order is maintained, often reflecting the nature of its creator and ruler. [1]

Chaos has no worlds. It is a vast expanse of broken planets, half-formed stars, endless amounts of matter and every form of energy ever conceived. The nearest planets to Chaos are the Elemental Ring Worlds. The two closest systems are Limbo and the Abyss. Both are so far away, that no voidship could reach them, even if they started at the beginning of recorded history. This is where rifts came into play, leading to epic system spanning wars like the Creation War and the Demon Spawn War.

Chaos is governed by instability, entropy, and change. This means that entropic energy is purposed to unravel other energies and break matter down. Over time, things are built or come into being, but if they lack someone or something to keep them together, then entropic energy will begin to dismantle them. Worlds like Granitoid and Muspelheim have remained intact on the edge of this sea of chaos because certain Higher Powers have turned them into sources of their power.

They may not realize it, but when the demon lords seized Piranoths Steps, they instilled it with a bit of Negative Entropy.

- Atlas, from the Foundation Monolith - "Order from Chaos"

In the Dawn Era and perhaps even earlier, the gods and some primordials, started creating worlds from the energy and matter of Chaos. To the great powers of this system, creation of this magnitude was seen as bringing law and stability to their area of control. Since most of the primordials are beings of chaos, law and order are abhorrent to them. The more intelligent of them saw these islands of law and order as a reduction of their power. The Creation War was a result of the side of Law creating systems and worlds, and the primordials seeking to undo creation and return it all to the folds of chaos. Bal-Kriav was one of the worlds that was on the front-lines of this war between the gods and the primordials. As a result, it has quite a number of things, areas, and beings that are infused or tainted with entropic energy.

Muspelheim was once part of Chaos. It was cut away in the God Era by Surtur and a few other deities. Together, they sought to bring the world over to Law rather than have it remain a primordial domain.

Astronomical Objects
NameOrigin NameTypeCreation DateRulers
Bru'tuld SunderBru'tulddebris fieldCreation Warnone
MithrallumMithrallumdead starunknownnone

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