Taurquion Oak
RegionClans, High Wood Country, Tribe Steppes
MapTaurquion Forest

Taurquion is an ancient forest with varying types of trees, but the most majestic of these are those towering up to 950' over forest floor and with canopies so expansive that entire villages are built among just one tree's branches. These Terril (or "terrace" in non-Elven) are just one of the many types of trees of a vast forest that is slowly and abnormally spreading. Near the heart of this seemingly sentient woodland is the Pyramid of Nature. Most believe that this ancient Lith-Crillion edifice is the cause of Taurquion's unnaturally rapid expansion. This spread comes in the way of forest spearheads that slowly creep into other lands and then backfill themselves if left untouched. These spearheads are referred to as the Tendrils of Taurquion.

A forest of saplings ahead of last years growth, which are now twice the size of what they were last year, and the briar patches, tangles, and thickets grow thicker towards the edge of the saplings, and among all this are thinning grasses, patches of sun-baked dirt and rocks, all which will in a couple years, disappear under the canopy of the Tendrils. Dare venture into the mature growths and you may encounter Angrod camps or a patrol, for what becomes Taurquion becomes theirs.

- Aredhel, from a personal diary - "The Taurquion Encroachment"

The Tendrils of Taurquion creep into the regions around the High Wood Country. Those that spread too far into the Clans are dealt with by fire or druidic magic. The dwarves of the Clans see the Tendrils as a precursor to elven claims to their lands. Those Tendrils that creep into the Northern Hordelands are also set ablaze. The dark druids of the Witch Hordes, prefer to use more dastardly means to halt the spread of Taurquion, such as blight spells. To the east of the High Wood Country is the Tribe Steppes. These two regions have a long border, making the Tribe Steppes an easier target for the spread of Taurquion. The Jara don't seem to care where the Tendrils go and probably see it as brining elven prey closer to them.

Many wood elves of the High Wood Country seem content to allow the unnatural spread of forests, be it by divine will, or by the power of the Pyramid of Nature. Those that have interfered with the growth of Taurquion are usually banished, like in the case of the Exiled Twelve. In 1102, twelve families were charged with hampering the "natural" growth of the forest.

The Tendril spread has not always benefited the elves of the region, as is the case with the seaweed clogged bay of Neithreth; the Cheldremn claim that it was not the Tendrils, but the chaos infusion delivered by the ruins of Ralvalloth. Taurquion has forests and areas within it that are unaffected by the Tendrils. Some of these islands of normal terra-firma are Drauglon, the Hedge Embrasures, Lolfedhel, Maenor, Molailvor, and Niedail. There are also abnormal ones like Nanyerien where nature and entropic energy have fused creating Entropic Breaches.

An interesting phenomenon of Taurquion are Entropic Eddies. The outcome of being in the area of one of these causes Angrod settlements and camps in remote areas or on the frontier to turn highly chaotic. Some have even drifted to darker paths with the most notable being the Amras Calafalas. This wood elf tribe is chaotic evil. They are bent on slaughter, raiding and plunder. It is thought that their fighting in the long and brutal war with Eldalweril drove them to darker methods of dealing with the enemy. This grew worse with their prolonged exposure to chaotic emanations from one or more Entropic Eddies.