Tradeway Wars

Period1131 - 1231
TheaterDrarthiel, Onvorn, Imgangreth
BelligerentsChari'they Alliance
Orchish Empire

The Tradeway Wars were wars of territorial aggression by the Chari'they Alliance. The goal of the dark elves was complete control of the Great Tradeway and enslavement of all civilizations along its lengths.

On 15 Bloom 1144, resistance fighters battling the Chari'they Alliance establish the assassin guild Sanguine Whispers. They proved to be the most deadly and effective resistance organization of the entire war; even branching out to the surface where they took down the False Drugnods of the Witch-Pack War (1190 - 1240).

By 1222, the drow were well on their way of controlling the entire Tradeway. During this long conflict, the remnants of the crushed empires and displaced peoples joined together. Some intelligent leaders changed their tactics to meet the drow threat. This lead to guerrilla fighting and clandestine activities against the leadership of the Chari'they Alliance. Many drow began dying from assassinations, and deep behind the battle fronts, drow cities suffered from plagues and sabotage.

In 1231, the alliance of drow-cities was broken. An internecine conflict occurred among some of them, as suspicions arose over who was to blame for the increasing number of dead drow priests and leaders. In addition, riots were becoming frequent in the drow cities due to the crippling effects of the war on both economy and life.

Three years after the end of the Tradeway Wars, veterans of the conflict established the Sanguine Whispers.