Deep Six Daligûp-Shîzik

DeitiesNaraz-Nâru, Ptah
EnemiesArachnidion, Suellk
Established4 War March 621

Daligûp-Shîzik is a dwarven empire of the world Ilabizdum. Another name for the empire, especially in Bal-Kriav's super region Midrêth is Deep Six. This is a name for six areas of Ilabizdum that were used in the Creation War and the Demon Spawn War as mining and manufacturing depots. The Nawirrûs Covenant used it in the Creation War, then the Quara'tun Covenant in the war against the demons. As the demon war progressed, six separate mines across Bulandarak became great manufacturing centers. They supplied the arms and armor for conflicts across the Mortal Systems. These military mining and manufacturing centers grew to be cities within great mining pits. Like spokes from each, canyons made over thousands of years followed seams of iron and blutium. They had their share of war, both from sending soldiers to join off-world armies on Bal-Kriav and other worlds threatened by the primordials in the Dawn Era and the demons in the God Era, and from raids by primordial armies and then demon armies. When the gods and celestials left the Mortal Systems in the Angelic Departure (9494 GE - 9500 GE), these areas were left to the people that had long worked it. These were Danzar-Khâl's creations, the Dulun.

In the First Epoch, the six great mining city-states of Bulandarak warred over unification. Ganuzdurak came out victorious in this three hundred year conflict, becoming one empire on 4 War March 621.

Ganuzdurak, Daligûp-Shîzik's capital, was the first place to create gunpowder weapons. Gunpowder, or black powder, was first used in the Demon Spawn War as a hurled explosive or barrel bomb. Its use in muskets and artillery did not come about till the First Epoch.

The Giff League made contact with Daligûp-Shîzik in 1256. Both seeking allies, the Giff League traded voidship technology in-exchange for Daligûp-Shîzik's knowledge of metallurgy and gunpowder.

Giff League and Daligûp-Shîzik are staunch allies and trade partners. Together, they have warred with the neogi and the illithids for thousands of years. By way of void travel, their influence extended to Bal-Kriav in the Second Epoch. This formed into a close relationship with the more lawful empires of Midrêth as they got involved in their wars.

Deep Six possess a vast armament of cannons, voidships, and a mighty priesthood dedicated to spreading the word of Ptah. They have aided Bal-Kriav civilizations in many of their major conflicts.

In the Zharr Rikkaz, Deep Six went to war with Goth-Dyvermoir.

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