Igas is north of Brucrumus and west of Anubeth. The region is named after the Nithian mage that once reigned here. Today, the region is ruled by the frost giants and Thrallrir of Artaxertus. The landscape of the region is frigid, changing, blasted by blizzards, swept by powerful winds, and subject to frequent earthquakes and fast-moving glaciers. The unnatural weather patterns, chilling landscape, and presence of unnatural creatures are the doings of the Glacial Throne. This artifact has also led to a 30% increase in size of the region since it was powered up and continues to expand outward in all directions except to the north.

From the Glacial Throne, the King of Artaxertus rules Igas. This throne is a powerful sentient artifact. A second artifact, just like it in power is the Pumice Throne. The Pumice Throne is in Anubeth. It is the seat of power for the King of the Flaemis.

Igas is surrounded on three sides by the Elemantum Boundary Ward. The non-warded side faces Anubeth. The Elemantum Boundary Ward was created to contain the forces unleashed by the Glacial and Pumice Thrones. This includes the endless conflict between Artaxertus and the Flaemis.

Cities of Ice
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