Today's Igas is product of the Indraph Rift (27 Lunar 751), its once great forested hills now buried under a mile or more of glaciers, ice, and snow. This change in terrain and perpetual winter is a product of rift, the environment slowly becoming more like the distant world on the other side of the open rift, the frigid wastes and eternal chill of Fimbulwinter.

This entire region is frequented by blizzards, swept by powerful winds, and subject to frequent earthquakes and fast-moving glaciers. Controlling a lot of this are two siblings, one the sentience of the Glacial Throne in this region, and the other in the Pumice Throne of a fiery adjacent region. A thousand years they still wage the Thrones War (751 - present) like a game of chess.

Igas is home to icy brutes from a distant world, frost giants, ice trolls, Thrallrir, and many others. Many serve Artaxertus in their eternal conflict with Cinderfall.

Igas is surrounded on three sides by the Elemantum Boundary Ward. This magical barrier was built to contain the destructive forces wielded by the Glacial and Pumice Thrones. The open side of this ward faced into the fiery lands of Anubeth.

Cities of Igas
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