destruction of Uriall-Madiess
RegionHells Womb
Created6 Brighstar 1200

In the southeast corner of Hells Womb near Ugidreth is a vast canyon called Othrangad. This great fissure descends close to 10,000'. At the bottom, where it is near light-less, is a lake called Sôvib-Sir. The western canyon walls of Othrangad are part of lower spires of the Dragon Wall.

The area is unnatural appearing and rightly so, as it was created on 6 Brighstar 1200 when the League of Magicks attempted to open a permanent gateway to the Web of Magic. The tear in the Web of Magic ripped the ground asunder creating a deep rift, and in the process swallowing the Kal-Oni city Uriall-Madiess. Nearly 20,000 people died in this incident. As a result, the League of Magicks was outlawed and then disbanded a year later.

The canyon was named after Uriall-Madiess's last governor.

The mountains near this canyon are rich in iron and copper deposits. After Kal-Oni lost hold of the area, it became the hunting grounds of evil humanoids. The largest are the goblin tribes with names like Severed Head, Blood Sword, Brutal Spear, and Bloated Heart. Many goblins of these tribes had ancestors that served and died as soldiers of the Black Tide when they waged war across Hells Womb and into the Lands of Purity.

One of the most dangerous place in the canyon is the Cult of Worms bastion Birungrith. This place is protected by an army of undead. They patrol the skies on skeletal wyverns.

At the bottom of Othrangad is semi-Underdark lake named Sôvib-Sir. This deep lake has a wide channel that empties twenty miles south in the Sea of Mourning.

Notable Areas
  • Birungrith
  • Cloud City of the Ble-Aarakocra - an avian city of the evil aarakocra
  • Cumulus - a castle of the cloud giants
  • King Garg's Castle of Ice - this chilling place holds countless gargoyle roosts under command of the Death Knight Garg.
  • Sôvib-Sir