O u t p o s t   P r i m e

Outpost Prime - Hadraniel
RegionLands of Purity
Built19 Temporal 765

In the First Epoch, gnolls mined the Haturangian peak for gemstones and copper. When the Yagamph Republic came to power, Haturangian's gnolls refused to join them, resulting in their slaughter. The victors built a great stronghold inside Haturangian, naming it Umakh-Morz.

After the fall of Yagamph (746 - 956), a Tungesti tribe took over the fortress. They held it for two decades, losing it to a young but very cunning blue dragon named Tyrinaxx.

In 1334, the ruin became the new headquarters of the Sanguine Whispers. Expanding it greatly, they renamed it Outpost Prime.

In 1483, the Sanguine Whispers were attacked by the Har'kish. This was reprisal for the Sanguine Whispers saboteurs tasked with destroying the Hand of Gith. After being hit with six Voices of Gith, Outpost Prime was attacked by an air and ground force. Across seventeen levels and innumerable secret passages, the Sanguine Whispers fought for two months against a vastly larger force. The cost to the githyanki attackers was 500 dead.

In 1550 of the Athenian Crusade, the Har'kish was driven out by the Holy Quinary.

Today, much of this bastion is a ruin.

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