O u t p o s t   P r i m e

RegionLands of Purity
AliasesGith Prime, Umakh-Morz
Built19 Temporal 765

In the Storsald mountains is a dead volcano called Haturangian. In the First Epoch, gnolls mined this peak for gemstones and copper. When the Yagamph empire was established, the Haturangian gnolls refused to join them, and as a result they were slaughtered. The victors built a great stronghold inside the dead volcano, naming it Umakh-Morz. After the fall of Yagamph, a tribe of Tungesti took over the fortress. This tribe held the place for two decades before they were driven out by a blue dragon named Cûbul-Hast. The history of the place during the dragon's occupation and for a long period after that has yet been recorded.

In 1334, the dead volcano Haturangian was taken over by the Sanguine Whispers. This guild built upon the existing structures and greatly expanded the place over the next century. They called the place Outpost Prime and made it their headquarters. The Sanguine Whispers were headquartered here from 1334 to 1483. They were driven out when it was learned that they were behind a covert mission to destroy the Hand of Gith. The Har'kish retaliated with a full-scale assault on Outpost Prime. The Eye of Gith pounded the place with Voices of Gith and then sent down a combined arms army which attacked the place from the air and ground. The air assault was led by a wing of very old red dragons. The Sanguine Whispers fought for two months against a vastly larger force. They cost the githyanki 15,000 soldiers. The Sanguine Whispers caused devastating losses to the enemy from assassinations, demolitions, traps, and all manner of magical and psionics devices. The Sanguine Whispers fought the githyanki as far as Waterworks. They did not pursue them into the Underdark, deciding to save troops and seal off access between Waterworks and Outpost Prime.

During Har'kish occupation, they called it Gith Prime. In 1550, the gityanki were expelled by forces of the Holy Quinary. The place has since fell into ruin.

Today, much of the bastion is in ruins and occupied by monsters. Active traps, undead, and the presence of dragons and other beasts deter trespassers from exploring the vast complex. Outpost Prime is reputed to have 26 levels.

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