Mezzorn Shipwrights

Businessship building
Established1 Bloom 1005

From 999 to 1131, the people of the Borillisk Empire were in their second and last homeland on Sahuld. Traditionally a landlocked people, and until they had the know-how, they sought out others to ply the seas for food, building ships, and other deep water matters. On 1 Bloom 1005, standing in the waters of the the deep port Mezzorn, near Sahuld's souther tip, the Elder Furs established the quasi-government company Mezzorn Shipwrights. In the beginning its purpose was to administer all the contractors and services.

In 1019, the population having learned the basics of fishing, boating and living on an island, the Elder Furs released interest in the company. Now a private company, the Mezzorn Shipwrights focused on building ships with other parts of this former government apparatus splintering off or dissolving. This privatization would never have happened if not for the convincing of two Elder Fur members that it was time to retire. It is said the Realm Stalkers were behind this task of convincing the "old coots" that it was time to retire to their ill-gotten gold and grand chateaus.

In 1126, five years before the fall of Borillisk, the company relocated its main operations to Zerot. This was done for two reasons. The first was business, with Zerot open to trading with anyone and not harassed by Borillisk's old enemies. The second was done for the company and its leader's survival, with them nervous of their governments renewed interest in Necrocrypt's other islands. It was a fortunate decision, with few escaping the plague brought back from the last big expedition to Necrocrypt's undead infested central isle.

Today, Zerot serves as the company's headquarters. One of the types of ship they invented is the Gyalech Speeders.