RegionLands of Purity
Class20th druid / 10th ranger
RaceTragaran (Transcended Treant)
TitleArcane Hierophant
Alignmentlawful neutral
DeityThe Balance
Born4 Hollow 1107
Transcended15 Artifice 1445

In 1245, Oakenbeard became the first Nature Protectorate of the Lands of Purity. He makes his home in Elberial. Rumor has it that Oakenbeard and Springflower are deeply in love with each other, or at least Oakenbeard claims it. Oakenbeard is the father of Nevicanad.

Oakenbeard transcended two centuries after becoming a Nature Protectorate. This transcending made him a treant. He has held the title Nature Protectorate for more than five centuries and considered one of most powerful druids of the realm.