Giant Vultures of Kilth
MapKilth Mountains

The Kilth mountain range stretches for roughly six hundred miles across Anutoth and into the lower part of sector Tha'lith. It is an area of deep history, once used by the Covenant to train mortal armies, later a fiefdom of three dragons, then territory of a demon empire.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, Kilth was the wrecking grounds for three red dragons. These dragons were all descendants of Balta'khar, making them second generation blood of Tiamat. Called the Reds of Kilth, they rose to power with those Glimmerkrim city-states looking to settle scores with those living above them. In the Kilth Deeps War (614 LE - 623 LE), the dragons captured the dwarven holds dotting Kilth and those in the dark reaches beneath it.

With Varelay's rise to power, the Reds of Kilth and their slave army's western advance came to end.

The Line of Balta'khar, blood of Tiamat, usually at odds with each other over territory, put aside their differences, focusing on destroying the demon empire. They armed and trained their thousands of dwarven slaves and put them under the leadership of their fomorian slave masters.

Demon cunning won. The Red's slave multitudes were incited, promised freedom and their own autonomous dwarven city-states. They knew the demon promises were lies, yet any hope was better than living under the Reds of Kilth.

- Ramukthalin, High Seer of Felak, from his book - "Rise and Fall of Varelay"

The conflict between the Reds of Kilth and the demon empire Varelay came to be known as the Red Scourge. Lasting fifteen years, it ended with the dragon's huge slave armies rising up against them.

Today, central Kilth is claimed by the descendants of those dwarves that served under the dragon whip. The largest of these groups is the Smizerak Empire. In the Horgon Era, this empire held sway over much of Anutoth and Aerruxa. After wars with Gurutharni's yuan-ti, Drachlaz Lords, and the empire's growing decadence, the population and greatness of the empire waned.

Kilth is home to numerous Giant Vultures of Kilth. These huge birds carry disease and match wyverns in size and ferocity. During the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), hundreds of these beasts were ridden into battle by a winged contingent of wights serving the Black Tide.

In the Second Epoch, bands of Maleraunts took root in Kilth's inner reaches.